Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian Reduce Storage Cost 70%, Increase Scalability

Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian together address two of the biggest challenges in Big Data: Cost and scalability.

Today’s larger data sets and longer retention requirements drive up the cost of storage, making it harder to accommodate the needed growth within the available budget, data center footprint, and staffing.

The Object Storage Solution

Splunk SmartStore solves these problem by providing a way for Splunk to leverage CloudianHyperStore S3-compatible storage as a highly scalable object store for index data.  Splunk’s indexer storage and compute resources in a cost-effective manner by scaling those resources separately.


Reduces Splunk storage costs by 70%, while boosting scalability.

With SmartStore, Splunk Indexers retain data only in hot buckets that contain newly indexed data. Older data resides in the warm buckets and is stored within the scalable and highly cost-effective Cloudian cluster. SmartStore manages where data is stored, moving data among indexers and the external Cloudian storage based on data age, priority and users’ access patterns.

Unlike conventional storage, Cloudian offers modular growth, letting you expand from terabytes to an exabyte without disruption. Embedded data redundancy features provide up to 14 nines data durability, removing the necessity of a separate data backup process. Compared with traditional enterprise storage — or with storage on compute-intensive servers — Cloudian saves up to 70% on TCO.

Cloudian saves on space, too, with the industry’s highest density: up to 840TB capacity in each 4U high chassis.

Cloud Enabled

Cloudian is on-prem storage, but it integrates directly with public cloud storage services. Employ policy-based tools to replicate or tier data to AWS, GCP or Azure for offsite DR, capacity expansion or data analysis in the cloud. This built-in capability requires no additional software or licenses.


To ensure data security, Cloudian HyperStore provides AES-256 server-side encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit (HTTPS), role-based access controls and storage policies that can be applied at an object and bucket-level.

Multi-Purpose Scalable Storage

Cloudian offers the industry’s most compatible S3 API, so it integrates seamlessly with S3-compatible applications. In addition to Splunk SmartStore, it also provides scalable storage for data management applications from Rubrik, Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, Pure Storage, Quantum, Komprise, and others.

Deploy as Software or Appliances

Cloudian is available as preconfigured appliances, with capacities from 96TB to 840TB, and as software for either bare metal servers or VMs.

Read more about Cloudian here, or contact us for more information. 


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Object Storage Reviews on Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner’s Peer Insights object storage reviews for Cloudian are terrific!

  • Excellent average object storage rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • 2X more object storage reviews: 25 object storage reviews

Gartner Peer Insights is a review web site that presents verified reviews from actual end users. To participate, users provide a detailed description of their deployment, how it went, and what they like/don’t like. Gartner checks each review to make sure they’re legitimate.

Highest number of Object Storage Reviews

Gartner groups ratings into specific “markets”; Cloudian’s “market” is Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, a category that includes scale-out NAS as well as object storage. Hence, this mix includes some widely known products like Isilon. Being widely distributed, the scale out NAS products like Isilon and Qumulo naturally get more reviews.

Among the object storage reviews, though, Cloudian excels with 2X more reviews than the next closest competitors:

  • Cloudian HyperStore: 25 reviews
  • Scality: 12 reviews
  • SwiftStack: 12 reviews
  • EMC ECS: 8 reviews
  • NetApp StorageGrid: 5 reviews
  • IBM COS: 6 reviews
gartner peer insights object storage reviews
Peer reviews rank object storage vendors

Read the Commentary

In the comments sections,  user provides insight into what worked and didn’t work.

  • “Cloudian have been extremely easy to work with and engaged with us to get the products installed and supported.” – Director of Product and Service Development 
  • “We had a great experience with Cloudian! After testing Redhat and Scality, Cloudian stood out…” – CEO
  • “Better than expected…. and we expected everything.” – Technical Operations Director
  • “Unparalled customer service and support.” – Principal Engineer in Media Industry
  • “Cloudian has the most mature object storage solution out of all the vendors we have tested. After spending close to a year testing all the major object storage vendors, Cloudian proved to have the most resilient, mature and performant product that matched extremely well the architectural concepts of Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre.”  – Director
  • “Great flexibility and S3 compatibility.Very attentive sales person, great presale and aftersale technical support.” – Product Manager
  • “The process from the POC and commercial discussions through to contracts and implementation has been seamless.” – Managing Director
  • “Cloudian was very outcome focused and worked to ensure our success.”  – Managing Director 
  • “Easy to deploy, operate, and scale. Pre-sales and architecture sessions were great and informative. They have knowledgeable engineers and a technical sales team. Deployment was quick and easy.” – Director, Cloud Engineering

Read the object storage reviews

Visit the review site and read the reviews. You’ll see why Cloudian has the most customers of any object storage vendor.

Then visit cloudian.com and learn how object storage can help you in use cases like:



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