HyperStore features full Apache Hadoop integration. As I mentioned earlier, enterprises can now transform big data into smart data by running Hadoop analytics on HyperStore software and appliances. This in-place analytics, with no need to offload data to other systems for Hadoop analyses, enables customers to derive meaningful business intelligence from their data quickly, efficiently and economically.

Under the hood we are leveraging s3FS as the target for HDFS that allows enterprises to utilize a HyperStore as an HDFS target storage and customers can run Map Reduce jobs on top of their Smart Data stored on Cloudian.

Analytics is the foundation of Smart Data. To store data on a smart system like HyperStore, and run Hadoop on top of it, offers huge business advantages to enterprises in terms of scalability, efficiency and cost savings. From the financial industry to medical research, there is no shortage of markets that will benefit from turning big data into smart data in pursuit of realizing market- and revenue-shifting insights.


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