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What HGST and Amplidata acquisition says about storage

What an interesting storage market.

It’s hot to be cold again … first, flash changed the entire landscape for high performance storage for transactional system and VMs – now the other end of the storage spectrum is going through dramatic shifts. Most recently HGST announced a definitive agreement to acquire Amplidata – reference

As we all know data growth is a major headache for IT departments. The cost model for that storage must change and traditional storage approaches from vendors like EMC and NetApp will no longer cut it. That’s where new innovative storage systems like Cloudian HyperStore come into play. Using software defined storage technology, we use commodity servers and create a peer-to-peer scalable storage system which is ultra cost efficient. That’s how we achieve 1c per GB per month storage costs.

HGST’s acquisition of Amplidata is interesting as it puts them in direct competition with some of their drive OEMs – this has been a no-no in the industry for a long time. It appears that HGST is willing to take on that risk but I’d suspect they do it in a limited way.

My thoughts on what HGST will do :


What does this say for the industry



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