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Cloudian Russia Policy

To our Customers, Resellers, and Partners,

The United States has announced new export controls and economic sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These restrictions are applicable to the sale, shipment, transfer, or, in some cases, use of Cloudian products and services to and in Belarus, Russia, and some regions of Ukraine. Cloudian is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, and in full compliance with the U.S. export control and economic sanctions regulations. Compliance with these laws is critical to Cloudian’s reputation and success.

Restrictions on Certain Countries and Regions

Under new regulations, U.S.-controlled products, including Cloudian products, and certain services, including Cloudian services, cannot be sold, shipped, transferred, or used into the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) regions of Ukraine. Additionally, existing U.S. sanctions continue to prohibit the sale, shipment, transfer, or use of Cloudian products into Crimea.

For that reason, Cloudian products cannot be sold, shipped, or transferred, directly by Cloudian or by any of our Customers, Resellers, or Partners to any of these restricted destinations. Additionally, our Customers, Resellers, and Partners cannot allow the use of our product and services by users in these regions. Failure to comply with U.S. export control and economic sanctions laws and regulations can result in criminal sanctions, civil fines, debarment from government contracting, the loss of U.S. export privileges, and, in some cases, imprisonment. These laws and regulations cover U.S. persons as well as products, software, technologies, and services that are subject to U.S. controls, wherever located. Any failure to abide by these restrictions may result in termination of the agreement between Cloudian and any of our Customers, Resellers, or Partners.

Restrictions on Certain Users

Additionally, as a reminder, Cloudian products cannot be exported to any prohibited individuals or entities listed on the relevant U.S. lists of prohibited parties, including but not limited to the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the U.S. Treasury Department’s lists of Specially Designated Nationals (the SDN List) and the BIS’s Denied Persons List, Entity List, or Unverified List. The U.S. Treasury Department has added additional individuals and entities to the list of prohibited parties in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. No Cloudian products should be exported to or services provided to, or used by, these individuals or entities, and Cloudian cannot receive payment using any sanctioned banks.

Additionally, Cloudian products, cannot be sold, shipped, or transferred without a license to Russia or Belarus without written permission from the Company and any required government authorization. Our Customers, Resellers, and Partners can allow users in those countries to continue to use our services, but no software should be provided to them.

While Cloudian will continue to support existing Customers’ support contracts as limited by the U.S. sanctions and restrictions, we are suspending any new business from Russia or Belarus.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these restrictions.
Mike Tso, CEO
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