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Empowering AI with Scalable and Resilient Data Storage

Scalable Storage for AI Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing industries, driving the next wave of business automation. These technologies heavily rely on vast amounts of data, putting significant demands on IT systems, especially storage infrastructure. Cloudian HyperStore offers the ideal storage for AI systems, providing a scalable, affordable, and fault-tolerant object storage platform that meets the unique requirements of AI workloads. With geo-distribution, you can locate Cloudian systems wherever needed. All flash and HDD-based options let choose the performance required for your workload.

Addressing Unstructured Data Challenges

AI, ML, and analytics environments require large volumes of unstructured data for training and processing. Cloudian HyperStore offers exabyte-scalability and parallel processing to deliver scalable throughput as demands grows.  It serves as an optimal foundation for building both stream and batch AI pipelines, enabling organizations to efficiently leverage unstructured data for valuable insights.

Enhancing Performance and Compatibility

Cloudian HyperStore optimizes AI workloads by supporting popular machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Spark ML. These frameworks are specifically designed for parallel training from object storage, providing improved performance and compatibility. Organizations can harness the power of GPUs without storage limitations, maximizing the utilization of expensive and high-demand resources.

Enabling Seamless Data Pipelines

Cloudian HyperStore serves as a central storage for various components of AI systems. It acts as a feature store, facilitating the registration and discovery of curated features. For vector databases like Milvus, Cloudian HyperStore provides scalable data infrastructure. Moreover, it supports the storage of machine learning models, ensuring model reproducibility, governance, and secure serving. With Cloudian HyperStore, organizations can streamline their data pipelines by leveraging a single storage system for different AI components.

Streamlining Data Management

Effective data management is crucial for successful AI applications. Cloudian HyperStore offers rich object metadata, object versioning, and object tags, allowing organizations to organize and catalog their data efficiently. HyperStore’s multi-tenancy feature enables multiple data scientists or teams to work simultaneously with the same data, fostering collaboration and accelerating AI workflows. Additionally, Cloudian HyperSearch simplifies data discovery, providing an easy-to-use interface for finding the needed data quickly.

NVIDIA GPU and Triton Support

NVIDIA’s powerful inference server, NVIDIA Triton™, supports S3-compatible storage, Cloudian HyperStore’s primary storage type. This means that organizations can harness the capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs for accelerated and scalable AI model deployment and execution, while also benefiting from the robust and scalable storage infrastructure provided by Cloudian HyperStore. By combining the power of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, including Triton, with the storage capabilities of Cloudian HyperStore, organizations can streamline the data science pipeline, expedite the development and deployment of AI models, and achieve efficient and reliable production AI.

Read about Cloudian’s support for NVIDIA DIGITS here.

Support for Multiple Types of Stores

Cloudian HyperStore may be deployed as a data platform for multiple types of stores, including feature stores, vector databases, and model stores, providing organizations with the necessary infrastructure to effectively manage curated features, conduct large-scale similarity searches, and securely store machine learning models within their AI systems.

Protecting Valuable Data

Raw data is a valuable asset that cannot be easily replicated. Cloudian HyperStore ensures data protection through features such as data replication and erasure coding. It provides military-grade data security, object versioning, fault-tolerance, and data immutability, ensuring the integrity and durability of critical AI data assets.


Choosing the right storage for AI is paramount for the success of AI systems. Cloudian HyperStore emerges as the ideal solution, providing a scalable, affordable, and resilient data storage foundation. With its comprehensive data management capabilities, robust data protection features, and seamless integration with AI workflows, Cloudian HyperStore empowers organizations to store massive amounts of data, automate machine learning workflows, and unlock the full potential of their AI initiatives.

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