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Enabling Content Collaboration for Remote Workers

It can be challenging to work remotely when you require shared access to corporate data. Today, millions of workers and students suddenly need to be productive from their home offices — not to mention from their dining rooms and bedrooms. How can we help them work and collaborate in ways that keep corporate data safe, adhere to corporate policies, and are cost-effective?

Cloudian + SME provide an answer that scales and makes remote working both convenient and secure.

Together you have a simple yet powerful solution for collaboration. The industry’s most scalable storage, combined with a file sharing front end that makes it secure and easy to use. 

Let’s look at how this combined solution supports different needs:

Remote Workers

Remote workers who use desktop applications are often able to run their applications from home or laptop computers, but struggle to readily access files stored on network filesystems back in the office.

Workers could use a virtual desktop (expensive), access the office filer over VPN (very slow), or more commonly will manually download and upload files to corporate storage (if they even have access). 

The need is to access files that are stored remotely directly from within their applications. This alleviates the need to transfer files back and forth, and from a security point of view, minimizes corporate data actually being stored on the desktop.

How the joint solution supports:

Cloud Drive (Windows Explorer) and Microsoft Word

Remote Collaborators

Users shouldn’t have to upload files to public cloud services to share with others. This increases risk, is hard for IT to manage, and can be expensive too. Organizations use the File Fabric solution to provide enterprise Dropbox-like capabilities for Cloudian HyperStore. Since shared folders and files don’t leave the enterprise, corporate policies can be applied, and all activity audited.

How the joint solution supports:

Generate a File Share Link

Field Workers

The mobile workforce, while perhaps more comfortable working offline, also benefit from easier access to corporate data. Having up to date information, being able to complete work quickly, being able to share data with others quickly and securely, will increase their productivity too.

How the joint solution supports:

Desktop File Sync

IT & Security

The Enterprise File Fabric™ platform allows IT to manage access and security controls from a single point of control.

How the joint solution supports:


Web File Manager showing PII Detection

Remote Workers, No Longer Remote

SME’s Enterprise File Fabric and Cloudian HyperStore support workers who need secure access to corporate data no matter where it is stored, and where they are working from. Allowing workers easy access to files and documents while working remotely reduces stress for those workers and for the organization. The more we can help users perform work outside the office, to be able to keep using their existing tools and applications, the less remote we’ll all feel.

Find more information and a demo here.

Visit the Storage Made Easy website here.

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