While attending a recent event, IP Expo London, we conducted a snapshot survey to ask IT professionals about their current storage solutions and plans for future improvements. The results of this survey showed the challenges that have arisen as businesses rapidly adopt a cloud storage solution. More than half (54%) of public cloud users are experiencing restrictions and limitations on the data they can store there. It is because of these challenges that 56% are either in the process of or are considering implementing a hybrid solution such as Cloudian HyperStore.

While public cloud storage has alleviated many of the problems of legacy IT systems, government regulation, data compliance and other restrictions means it’s not for perfect for everything. A hybrid solution enables businesses to offload data to the public cloud while keeping control over sensitive data on-prem, but ideally, managed as a single storage pool.

“This snapshot view of how IT professionals view the roles of public and hybrid cloud storage is in line with our other recent, broader research which showed that the adoption of hybrid cloud storage will accelerate rapidly. Public cloud is front of mind for a huge number of organisations, but they are also focusing on how they can optimise their use of it when certain data types cannot reside there. People are telling us that they want the best of both worlds, and when they are looking at the right hybrid storage solution, compatibility between on and off-prem solutions becomes a must-have.” – Jacco van Achterberg, EMEA Sales Director, Cloudian.

HyperStore, together with Amazon S3, provides next-generation infrastructure for hybrid storage. On-premises HyperStore software integrates seamlessly with the Amazon cloud for scalable and cost-effective hybrid deployments. Our smart application capabilities, such as automatic tiering, allow businesses to sort and send data to the public cloud whilst keeping selected data on-premises.

We took all our survey results and created a 13-page report. Download the report today!


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