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How to Configure the Cloudian HyperBalance Load Balancer

In a clustered storage environment, where multiple storage controllers can process requests simultaneously, a load balancer can boost performance by intelligently distributing requests. In this series of videos I will walk you through the creation, configuration and the deployment of the virtual version of the Cloudian load balancer, HyperBalance.

Balance is important in all things. From the time we are small we learn about balance and how important it is in one form or the other. A balanced diet, a good balance between play and rest. As we get older, we learn to balance our school schedules with time to study and prep for exams, as well as down time to get past the stress of classes. Then, as we reach our family/work/life stage we have to learn a good “Life” balance to keep things into perspective.

All these balances can seem difficult to juggle, and at times they are. I can’t make the life balance puzzle easier for you, but I can make balancing access to your object storage a simple walk in the park.

Well, Vanimal, how can you do that? I thought you would never ask!

A Cloudian HyperStore cluster usually has six nodes, sometimes many more, and they all run the same software. They all can run the CMC (Cloudian Management Console interface) and they can all process the storage requests that keep your data flowing in and out of the nodes at the right time and directed exactly where it should go.

To optimize the user experience, we want to distribute the requests. Suppose you are using a particular node for CMC management access, and that node gets busy and prevents the CMC from responding due to other requests it’s handling. That’s where HyperBalance comes in.

With HyperBalance in front of your Cloudian environment, no matter how large your clusters become (and yes, we have many clusters in the field with hundreds of nodes) users can always get to the CMC. Furthermore, data is always flowing no matter how busy a single node may become.

Of course, I am over-simplifying the process and how HyperBalance works, but I won’t install a new cluster for any customer until they know the true benefits of proper load balancing and how it can positively affect the users experience with the Cloudian environment.

Check out this video for a short walk-through of this amazing product. As always, if you have any questions, just drop me a note and we can setup a call to go as deep into the technical aspects as you would like.

Until Next Time –


Load Balancer Configuration Part 1

Load Balancer Configuration Part 2


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