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Multi-Cloud Support with HyperCloud for Microsoft Azure

Today Cloudian announced Microsoft support, which means that users can now access Azure Blob storage using the industry’s most interoperable S3 API. With this addition, Cloudian now supports all three major clouds — Amazon, Google, and Microsoft — giving customers complete flexibility on where their data is stored, using just one S3 interface.

Key Facts

Proven Solution

Cloudian HyperCloud is deployed at a Fortune 100 industrial IoT customer, giving them the option to support their users’ needs on the cloud platform of their choice.

Microsoft commented on this release, saying, “With the growth of hybrid cloud deployments, customers need solutions that let them quickly and reliably connect cloud storage to all their applications,” said Tad Brockway, general manager of Azure Storage at Microsoft. “Cloudian HyperCloud lets users both connect and migrate their S3-compatible applications to Azure Blob Storage in minutes, further accelerating hybrid cloud adoption at Microsoft.”

HyperCloud for Azure represents a major step forward, bringing interoperability, performance, and bi-modal support to every cloud platform.

Read more about the solution here, or try the software in your data center here.

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