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On-prem Object Storage for AWS Outposts Servers Hybrid Cloud

New On-prem Storage for AWS Outposts Servers

Today, Cloudian announced two exciting developments that make it easy to run your AWS apps on-prem and get  local storage for regulatory compliance and low latency. Now, Cloudian offers an enterprise-class solution for on-prem persistent object storage with AWS Outposts. 

On-prem Cloud Computing

AWS Outposts server 2U

AWS Outposts servers lets you run AWS workloads on-prem to enable a true hybrid cloud. They provide services suited for low-latency, local data processing needs in locations such as retail stores, branch offices, healthcare providers, or factory floors. Users get fully managed AWS infrastructure, native AWS services, APIs, and tools in virtually any on-premises or edge location. 

Local S3 API-compatible Object Storage 

Many workloads require local, persistent storage. Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers provides S3 API-compatible object storage wherever you need it. With 112 terabytes of usable capacity in a compact 1U form factor, it is fully compatible with the AWS S3 API, so all applications written for AWS S3 will also work with Cloudian. All data remains local to help satisfy data locality, regulatory, contractual, or information security requirements. Get the datasheet

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers provides 112TB of S3-compatible storage capacity in a fully-managed system

Standard Features of Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts Servers

Fully Managed Solution  

Cloudian HyperCare is a standard feature of Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers. With this remotely managed service offering, once the device is network connected, Cloudian storage experts take on the responsibility of configuring and managing your Cloudian storage environment software.  You simply consume the storage, as you would in the cloud. 

Available on AWS Marketplace

Cloudian HyperStore for AWS Outposts servers is now available on AWS Marketplace, so you can procure the solution entirely through AWS. There is no need to add a vendor. The complete solution includes everything you need, including enterprise support, monitoring, and management from Cloudian. Just plug it in and go.   

Modern Applications Anywhere

Your applications written for AWS can now run anywhere. AWS Outposts servers provide the compute and networking, and Cloudian provides the local storage. Both are fully managed solutions available from AWS. And both work with your applications written for AWS. Together, they make the hybrid cloud a simple solution for data sovereignty and low latency wherever you need it. 

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