We’re almost halfway through 2017 – have you been optimizing your data storage and backup strategy? Learn more about the applications of object storage with these curated object storage news articles from around the web.


Essential Cases of Object Storage

Object storage is great for the archive storage tier due to its low cost and data durability. As technology evolves, though, so do the use cases for object storage. Read on to see how object storage is moving beyond just archive. >>

Benefits of Object Storage to Healthcare IT Infrastructure

One of the emerging use cases for object storage is in the healthcare industry. As organizations face a vast amount of clinical data, they’re turning to object storage as a way to quickly and securely retrieve data. >>


Object Storage: New Front in Cloud Price Wars

With more use cases for object storage comes more aggressive pricing. According to 451 Research, object storage will be the main battlefield when it comes to cloud storage pricing over the next 18 months. >>


8 Data Machine Learning and AI Storage Tips

Many experts believe that machine learning and AI will disrupt and transform data storage. These 8 tips will help storage managers get a better idea on how they can prepare for change. >>


How Do Disk Backup Appliances Scale?

Your backup storage will run out eventually. To successfully implement a viable long-term data protection strategy, it’s first necessary to understand how backup storage scales. >>


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