Today at the Pure Storage user conference, Cloudian® announced the integration of its HyperStore® object storage platform with Pure Storage CloudSnap. This lets Pure users automatically move snapshot data between FlashArray and Cloudian, providing multiple cool benefits:

  • Offloads Pure FlashArray
  • Disk-based data repository for fast access
  • On-prem for security, low-latency
  • Exabyte scalable storage pool
  • Policy-based, intelligent data transfer
  • Preserves storage efficiencies gained through de-dupe and compression
  • Cloudian is 1/3 the cost of public cloud storage
  • CloudSnap is a standard feature of Pure FlashArray

Pure Storage CloudSnap Solution Overview

This modern backup strategy leverages flash-to-object, in which data goes from primary flash to a scale-out, high-performance object storage.  CloudSnap provides snapshot creation, management and restore. It is designed to use the S3-API as its transfer mechanism, enabling plug-and-play connectivity with Cloudian HyperStore.

Cloudian is an exabyte-scalable, S3-compatible storage system that provides fast, disk-based storage. Its multi-tenant architecture also makes it suitable for multiple uses within the data center, wherever scalable storage is needed.

Pure Storage CloudSnap plus Cloudian enable fast efficient data protection

  1. Snapshot data to FlashArray
  2. Migrate snapshot to Cloudian via CloudSnap (migration via S3 API). Recover via CloudSnap, too.
  3. If desired, enable DR to a remote site via Cloudian-driven replication

Pure Storage CloudSnap Demo

Solution Benefits

  • Blends performance and scalability: Pure’s delivers high performance while Cloudian provides an exabyte scalable, multi-tenant storage repository for backup, DR and test/dev.
  • Meet RPO/RTO requirements: Portable snapshots enable fast restore from Cloudian disk-based storage.
  • Easy migration: Back-up and replicate data between sites with Cloudian’s granular bucket level policies.
  • Advanced compliance features: WORM and data at rest encryption. Meet federal and government compliance requirements with FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications.
  • Flexible OPEX consumption: Deploy your private cloud on-premises and on-demand; Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service and Cloudian’s Flexible consumption model offers an OPEX, pay-per-use model for storage-as-a-service.

Use Cases

  • Data Protection: Flexible protection with fast restores, with an on-prem, limitlessly scalable backup storage target.
  • Test and Dev: Restore portable snapshots on a low cost, geo replicated, scale-out Cloudian HyperStore storage platform to facilitate collaboration and test/dev workflows. Cloud-native applications predominantly use object storage, and next-gen developers code with object storage as well.
  • Extended Capacity and Tiering: Add additional capacity non-disruptively to your FlashArray environments with HyperStore for cost-effective extended storage capacity for less frequently accessed data.

Pure Storage CloudSnap provides an exciting new way to cost-effectively protect data and enable fast and easy data management. It represents yet another compelling reason why S3-compatible object storage makes sense to consider for your data center.

Read more about CloudSnap and Cloudian here.

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