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Secure Object Storage with Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

In today’s data-driven world, securing sensitive information is of utmost importance for organizations seeking solutions that offer top-tier security and seamless integration with their existing key management infrastructure. At Cloudian, we recognize the critical need for robust data protection, especially for users in public administration, healthcare, and finance. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, Cloudian has implemented the industry standard KMIP in our HyperStore 7.5.1 software version, thus solidifying its position as a leading and secure object storage solution.

What is KMIP? 

The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), developed by the Oasis Key Management Interoperability Protocol Technical Committee, is a widely adopted industry standard for managing cryptographic keys and security objects.

The Significance of KMIP

As Cloudian customers increasingly demand external key management servers for data encryption, KMIP provides a robust solution to ensure compatibility with various Key Management Servers (KMS). It ensures that compliant KMS offerings provide consistent functionality, full key lifecycle support, scalability, and security, to simplify integration into existing security and key management processes. KMIP enables organizations to manage cryptographic keys centrally, ensuring higher security and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Using KMIP

Supported KMIP Solutions in Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian has diligently tested and validated the integration with some of the leading KMIP solutions. This provides our customers with a wide range of choices for their key management needs. Solutions tested include:

Potential Disadvantages of KMIP and How Cloudian Addresses Them

While KMIP offers numerous benefits, it is essential to acknowledge potential challenges when implementing this protocol. Here are the commonly cited challenges and how Cloudian has addressed each:


Incorporating KMIP in the HyperStore 7.5.1 software version is a significant milestone for Cloudian in enhancing data security and ensuring our customers can integrate our object storage solution into their existing key management frameworks. By adopting Cloudian’s HyperStore and combining it with your current key management framework, organizations can achieve and maintain regulatory compliance while safeguarding their most critical asset—their data. Cloudian’s commitment to innovation and security ensures that our customers can rely on us to provide the industry’s leading and most secure object storage solution on the market.

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