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Seven Reasons to Choose Cloudian with Enterprise-Grade Flash

In primary data storage, flash media is growing in popularity for its performance and reliability. You may know that Cloudian has offered all-flash appliances for several years now.  But not all flash media are the same.

Cloudian employs the most rugged, longest-lived, and fastest media found in object storage. Our 64-layer triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND media offers leading performance, durability, and efficiency. Competitive platforms employ less durable QLC media, which does not offer the same enterprise capabilities.

When you combine that with the scalability and simplicity of the Cloudian HyperStore platform, you have an unbeatable combination. 

Here are seven reasons to choose Cloudian HyperStore with Enterprise-Grade Flash for your next deployment:

1) More durable

Cloudian’s TLC media offers up to 40X more durability than the QLC media found in competitive platforms. This means more read/write operations and longer life. Cloudian further enhances data durability with configurable redundancy. Get up to 14 nines of durability with multi-site data protection to ensure data availability in the event of failure at the component, device, or site levels. The bucket-level configuration lets you choose the availability level for each data type. 

2) More performant

Cloudian’s TLC media deliver improved response times, with up to 45% less latency than competitive media. And Cloudian performance scales linearly as the system expands, employing the full processing power of each Cloudian HyperStore node. The peer-to-peer architecture eliminates performance bottlenecks.  

3) Less power consumption

In large-capacity storage, flash media power consumption matters, drawing hundreds of watts per node. Cloudian’s TLC flash reduces media power consumption by up to 40% vs QLC flash, saving you operating costs. 

4) Cost effective

The best quality does not have to cost more. Complete Cloudian HyperStore enterprise-grade flash solutions start under 0.5¢ per GB per month, including hardware, software, and support.

5) More scalable

Cloudian HypeStore lets you start small and grow – easily. Unlike competitive platforms that impose numerous restrictions around expansion, Cloudian’s peer-to-peer architecture makes it easy. To expand performance or capacity, you simply add Cloudian nodes. Geo-distribution capabilities let you deploy nodes at multiple locations and manage them all as one system. 

6) More secure

Cloudian HyperStore offers the most security certifications of any object storage, including Common Criteria, SEC Rule 17a-4(f), CFTC 17 C.F.R. § 1.31, FINRA 4511c, FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation for data encryption, and more. Data immutability with S3 Object Lock offers protection from ransomware, while HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable protect against system-level breaches.

7) Simpler

Gaining a global view of your storage has never been simpler. Cloudian HyperIQ software provides a comprehensive look at all cluster elements, including software, servers, and networking. A time series data view lets you see trends and quickly spot anomalies. User behavior data lets you track data access and ensure that SLAs are being met. 

One platform for primary data, fast backup/restore

Organizations now enjoy the benefits of object storage for all data types, both primary and backup/archive. With geo-distribution and cloud integration, Cloudian object storage truly is the platform for hybrid cloud. The addition of flash makes the case even stronger, adding performance, durability, and power savings to the ROI. Cloudian now takes this a step further with the most durable and performant flash media, delivering solid value at a great price. Contact Cloudian today and get a quote. You’ll find the best is also affordable.

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