By Simone Morellato, Technical and Solutions Marketing Director

Applications are driving the insatiable need for cloud storage and the public cloud providers saw it coming years ago. Amazon S3’s rampant growth has driven the evolution of an immense ecosystem of supporting applications and its wide adoption has all but solidified its position as the industry standard for cloud storage APIs.

When its comes to deploying cloud storage on OpenStack, if you are amongst the millions who have written or plan to write applications that utilize S3 as a storage backend and want them to continue to run without having to rewrite their APIs, compatibility with the S3 API matters. If you want to take advantage of the tremendous ecosystem of S3 compatible applications with your OpenStack deployment, then compatibility matters. If ease of migration and TCO are important to you, then compatibility matters.

Cloudian HyperStore Connector for OpenStack allows OpenStack system administrators to add a fully S3 compatible object storage solution to OpenStack and to support the vast ecosystem of S3 compatible applications.

Cloudian-OpenStack-IcehouseAt Cloudian, we just released the HyperStore connector for OpenStack Icehouse release. The connector integrates Cloudian HyperStore object storage into OpenStack and allows administrators to easily give their OpenStack projects and virtual machines access to HyperStore storage areas.


The connector adds to the OpenStack Horizon dashboard the HyperStore Data Explorer functionality. When users click on the Cloudian button, the Cloudian Management Console (CMC) opens up and users are automatically logged in using Single-Sign-On (SSO) with direct access to the selected project’s storage. This makes it easy for users working on the same projects to share files between each other.


The connector also enhances Keystone Identity Service to provide automatic projects provisioning and de-provisioning between OpenStack and HyperStore. Additionally, projects created in OpenStack before the connector was installed, are going to be automatically provisioned when users access them for the first time via the Cloudian button in Horizon.

Lastly, Glance already supports reading/writing virtual machine images and snapshots to Amazon S3 storage and hence to Cloudian HyperStore storage via S3 API. However, Glance only supports the S3 single PUT API, which is not enough to upload objects bigger than 5 GB. The Cloudian HyperStore connector extends this support by implementing the S3 Multipart Upload API and allowing Glance to support virtual machine images and snapshots bigger than 5 GB.

To learn more visit BCLOUD, Cloudian’s European partner, at the Paris OpenStack Summit or request the free community edition of the HyperStore software.



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