IBC 2018 Dailies

Thank you for joining us in the Cloudian booth today! We have a great line up of customers and partners speaking in our booth for the rest of the show. Be sure to stop back by to catch one of the below presentations and get entered to win a drone or giftcard!

Saturday, Sept. 15th

12:00 pm – The SME File Fabric: Bending Diverse Types of Storage (SME)
1:00 pm – Object Based Storage for Media (Cisco)
2:00 pm – Lifecycle Media Management (Primestream)
3:00 pm – RNT

Sunday, Sept. 16th

12:00 pm – Radically Simple AI and Automation (Axle ai)
1:00 pm – Object Storage and Efficient Archives (Vizrt)
2:00 pm – CloudFirst.io
3:00 pm – Sharing & Archiving Avid Projects w/ Project Parking (Marquis Broadcast)
4:00 pm – Accelerating Media Workflows (DataExpedition)

Monday, Sept. 17th

12:00 pm – The SME File Fabric: Binding Diverse Types of Storage (SME)
1:00 pm – 3 Steps to Solve the Digital Data Growth Explosion in M&E (Nodeum)
2:00 pm – Seamlessly Cut Storage Costs with Zero Disruption (Komprise)
3:00 pm – Accelerating Ingestion & Distribution of Media Assets (FileCatalyst)

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Christoph Doppelmeier

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  • Limitless capacity
  • Modular architecture lets you start small and grow without interruption
  • Compatible with popular editing and asset management tools


  • Automated data protection
  • Replicate to a remote site or the cloud
  • No extra software to buy or manage


  • Embedded metadata lets you “label” your media
  • Integrated tools enable Google-like search
  • Cloud integration for AI/ML-based metadata enrichment

Cloudian petabyte scale media storage, object storage for post-production workflows


Cloudian Enterprise Storage for Media Workflows

Learn how Cloudian is transforming the Media & Entertainment industry by providing customers with limitless capacity, automated data protection, and cloud integration for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based media enrichment.

This demo shows its extensive metadata capabilities that provide fast, Google-like search and powerful data analytics.

Tape vs Object Storage for Media Active Archive

TCO report: Tape vs Object StorageA cost analysis of how object storage stacks up against LTO tape for media archives and backup.


Cloudian and WGBH Boston:
A Hybrid Cloud Media Active Archive


How WGBH, Saturday Night Live, and Vox Media Built Private Cloud Archives to Accelerate Workflows and Leverage Metadata


Introduction: The Great Migration

Jon Toor
CMO, Cloudian, discusses emerging trends in media storage


Shane Miner
Senior Director, Technical Systems, discusses hybrid cloud deployment

Saturday Night Live

Matt Yonks
SNL Archivist, discusses active archive for 40 years of media

Vox Media

Sarah Semlear
Director of Post Production, discusses petabyte-scale storage for popular web properties

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