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Scalable File Services for CIFS, NFS, and FTP

Scalable File Services from Object Storage

Cloudian HyperStore Connect for Files allows enterprises to offer scalable file services on top of Cloudian HyperStore object storage using industry standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS, and FTP. File based environments can gain from the extreme durability, availability, geo dispersal and low cost of Cloudian HyperStore object storage.


  • CIFS / NFS / FTP protocols
  • Global Namespace with multi-site access
  • Seamless availability
  • Delete with version control
  • Multi-threaded data access
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • Simple web based GUI
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File Access Point

Access Points provide an easy and secure method for providing file access to data centers, work groups and remote locations just like traditional file servers. Access Points translate file protocols such as SMB, NFS, and FTP directly to HyperStore object storage using the S3 protocol. Access Points can be installed as virtual or physical appliances.

Global Namespace with Global View Manager

A local namespace can be easily scaled to a global namespace by deploying additional File Access Points and Global View Manager. Once a new File Access Point connects to the Global View Manager, file storage is immediately available and accessible to all participating locations.


  • Active Director: Fully integrated with Active Directory including ACL support.
  • Delete with Version Control: Deleted files within HyperStore Connect for Files will be automatically moved to a Cloud Recycle Bin that will maintain versions based on a user-defined policy for easy recovery.
  • Parallel & Multi-Threaded Access: Parallel path and multi-threaded architecture provides a variety of tuning mechanisms to optimize file IO. HyperStore Connect for Files automatically splits data blocks in many slices which when combined with parallel writes provide unprecedented performance.
  • Full support File Re-Names: Easily rename and/or move folder and files within HyperStore.

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Expertise: Solutions for file storage (CIFS/NFS), Big Data and analytics, and video surveillance / CCTV.

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