GDPR-Ready File Sync & Share with Storage Made Easy

Eliminate the Risk of Cloud Data Breaches

Employees regularly use external cloud-based services such as Dropbox to share files — documents that may include company and personal data — creating a potential compliance exposure. Compounding matters, the data’s physical location and the location of those accessing it are frequently outside IT control, creating additional regulatory and compliance concerns.

Cloudian® HyperStore® and Storage Made Easy® Enterprise File Fabric™ put you in control. Get enterprise-wide file sharing and collaboration with on-premises storage that eliminates the risk of cloud data breaches.

How to Expand Storage for Microsoft Teams with Cloudian and SME

Demonstrates how SME File Fabric software can be configured to share data from Cloudian object storage via Microsoft Teams. This provides local storage that is scalable and cost effective, yet permits collaboration via Teams.

Put IT in control with an on-premises repository, user access controls, and deep content indexing of sensitive information

Enterprise File Sharing with Full Control

Monitor and control the use of sensitive information with deep content indexing that scans files, detects the presence of personal data, and provides notification. Active Directory and LDAP integration help you manage users and groups, while auditing features let you monitor usage, storage locations and points of access.

Easy Access Anywhere
Your user community will appreciate the intuitive user experience and single-sign-on simplicity. A lightweight application provides a simple management view, similar to cloud-based services. From Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, users can easily share files and sync data. Mobile apps allow file access from iOS and Android devices.

GDPR-Ready Features Monitor Personal Data Use
Monitor usage of sensitive information within documents enterprise-wide. The deep content indexing engine recognizes over 60 forms of personally identifiable information such as credit card numbers, passport numbers, and social security numbers. Automated alerts can be configured to notify the Data Protection Officer or other personnel.

Audit Tools
A tamper-proof log provides audit capability, recording IP address and geo-location for all file accesses. These attributes can also be used to restrict access based on e-compliance borders.

Configurable Data Synchronization
Data synchronization lets users store files locally, with admin-set policies that define permissions. Enable limited or full synch between the user’s hard drive and the central file repository.

Access Control via AD/LDAP
Users enjoy the simplicity of single-sign-on via Active Directory/LDAP. IT maintains strong governance and controls for today’s compliance-driven enterprise.

Secure File Sharing
File sharing is both simple and safe, with password-protected links, configurable download limits, and pre-set expiry dates after which links will be disabled automatically.

For team collaboration, create groups to share folders and files. A link share can also be configured as a “dropfolder,” letting others upload and edit files. Group members can be assigned specific permissions, such as the ability to upload files and create shared links. Unlimited versioning and trash features prevent accidental data loss.

Limitlessly Scalable Storage, Less Cost than Cloud
The central file storage repository, Cloudian HyperStore provides a limitlessly scalable storage platform in your data center at 70% less cost than traditional storage. This modular storage system lets you expand without disruption to meet your users’ growing needs. Integrated data management give you multiple data protection options using standard HyperStore features, without the need to buy and manage additional software or hardware.


  • Cloud-based file-sharing services are often outside of IT control
  • Difficult to identify where regulated, personal data is used
  • Compliance with regulatory changes (EU GDPR, California AB375)


  • GDPR-ready enterprise sync-and-share
  • On-premises file repository
  • Deep content indexing to monitor personal data use
  • Recognizes over 60 forms of personal data such as passport and social security numbers
  • Policy-driven notifications
  • Shared links with password protection and time/download limits
  • Data encryption and HTTPS connectivity
  • Active Directory and LDAP integration for user and group management
  • File access logging
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Storage Made Easy provides a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called the File Fabric that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets.