Deduplication for S3 Streams

A Cloud First Model for Data Reduction

Deduplication isn’t built into object storage, so what do you do when your data is highly dedupable? Current appliances on the market only enable CIFS & NFS shares, NOT S3 API. This puts your Cloud First model in the back seat, as applications continue to work in legacy mode, preventing you from taking full advantage of the S3 API.

Cloudian and StorReduce have teamed up providing a S3 enabled deduplication gateway. This can be seamless integrated with any existing S3 based application. Certified by Veritas NetBackup and Commvault, learn how the StorReduce and Cloudian solution can:

  • Lower TCO for backup data
  • Enable Cloud First
  • Reduce network bandwidth
  • Tier On Premises S3 data to AWS Cloud

Hugh Emberson, CTO & Co-Founder, StorReduce

Hugh has 20+ years experience (8 in cloud storage) in developing innovative IT solutions. Hugh created StorReduce as a highly scalable deduplication engine specifically for object stores, to overcome the problem of piece-modal legacy deduplication offerings, typically designed for on-premises offerings, not cloud. StorReduce provides enterprises with a single, massively scalable deduplication software to use across all their growing types of dedupable unstructured data moving to or created on object store: traditional backups, Hadoop systems, potentially life sciences data and more. StorReduce exposes all data with the S3 API so that any cloud services can be used on it.

Hugh is a published by the IEEE, holds a patent and has multiple pending, a BSc in Computer Science, Hons. (1st) and MSc.