Modernize Your Data Protection and Storage

Scale, Secure, and Simplify with Rubrik and Cloudian

Managing data growth outside of the primary storage repository has become increasingly complex due to fast-growing storage capacity and legacy architecture. The need for an affordable and effective approach to data protection has never been greater.

Find out how Rubrik and Cloudian can simplify how enterprises manage backup and long-term data retention

  • Plug-and-play backup target
  • Petabyte-scalable storage
  • Automated tiering to public cloud
  • Costs under $.01 per GB per month, including support
  • Customizable data protection levels with up to 14 9s of data durability

“Rubrik and Cloudian together offer a robust and simple solution that immediately saves cost by reducing complexity. With it, we can deliver greater value to our customers with highly-reliable and quickly scalable data protection.”

— Rob Mackle, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Assured DP