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Archiving and Cold Storage Outlook Report

Author: Storage Strategies NOW

Only 20-30% of network data is active. This leaves 70-80% of corporate data inactive: rarely modified and infrequently accessed. With inactive data sizes stretching into the petabyte and beyond levels, how does IT manage storage capacity and infrequent but important data access?

This white paper addresses these topics:

  • The history and evolution of “cold storage” strategies….from traditional off-site tape vaults or cheap cloud storage to modern cold storage.
  • Modern cold storage and the deep archiving storage tier that inexpensively stores massive amounts of data, easily scales capacity, and preserves access times in minutes to hours instead of days to weeks.

Companies such as Cloudian and other object storage vendors saw that their cloud-scale object storage can be applied to deep archiving as a perfect use case. Also, cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services recognized the need for an inexpensive deep storage alternative and introduced Amazon Glacier. Traditional storage vendors such as Spectra Logic and Crossroad Systems rolled out their Verde DPE Black Pearl and Arctic Blue S3-based archives and StrongBox gateways. And, the rush to revolution began. This is the story of Deep Archiving and Cold Storage.

Published: February 2016