Date: Wednesday, November 16th

Time: 10:00 am PST

  • Are you a recent cloud adopter and surprised by your first bill?
  • Where is my data in the “cloud”?
  • Are you prepared to bring data back from the cloud?
  • Need a hybrid approach to cloud storage?
  • Are cat pictures draining your expensive Tier 1 storage?

As data growth continues to outpace the growth of IT budgets, you need a brand new storage approach. The Lenovo DX8200C powered by Cloudian HyperStore® provides affordable, highly efficient, high-capacity storage to meet the growth of unstructured data—media images, video, backups, web content, file shares. It makes it easy to build full-featured, on-premise Amazon S3-compliant storage at a cost of pennies per GB per month. The pre-validated turnkey system, based on the Cloudian HyperStore object-storage platform, provides multi-petabyte level scalability, high resiliency, geographic independence, and multi-tenancy.

The Lenovo Storage DX8200C powered by Cloudian HyperStore is part of the award-winning Lenovo portfolio of systems.

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