Managing Through the Cloud and Data Chaos

Modernize Your Backup & Recovery with Commvault and Cloudian

Enterprises and Service Providers are facing an increasing surge in data growth making managing and protecting data increasingly complex and costly.  The addition of cloud locations as well as new requirements for security, compliance, and retention are creating additional complexities, further exacerbating management and cost challenges.

Despite these challenges, you are expected to meet increasingly critical RPO and RTO requirements and ensure that the business can rapidly recover from any situation.

Learn how Commvault and Cloudian have teamed up to offer a simple, easy-to-manage solution that is also cost-effective and scalable across multiple locations, including public cloud. Now you can simplify your data protection with policy-based management and new levels of technical and economic efficiencies.

View this on-demand webinar to learn how this solution can:

  • Provide more predictable and better performance to data protection and recovery
  • Simplify management within a single console across all locations
  • Employ a seamless solution that works on-prem and with one or more clouds
  • Use automated policies to protect new data and applications as it arrives
  • Leverage customized metadata tagging for intelligent search and analytics

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