Curing the Threat of Ransomware for Healthcare Data (with Demo)

cloudian and veeam

curing ransomwareIn 2019, at least 764 healthcare providers reported being affected by ransomware, at an average incident cost of $8.1 million and 287 days to recover.

Ransomware attacks continue to plague healthcare organizations around the world forcing providers to pay up in order to get their critical data systems back online. There was a 97% growth over the past two years costing organizations in excess of $8B. The need for a new approach that protects valuable health care data assets against malicious attacks has never been greater.

To protect healthcare organizations from ransomware attacks, Cloudian HyperStore and Veeam Availability Suite V10 support Object Lock, a feature that protects backup data from encryption by hackers.

View this webinar on-demand to learn how Veeam and Cloudian keep your data safe.

This webinar will cover;

  • Ransomware and how it impacts healthcare organizations.
  • Veeam-Cloudian data immutability solution
  • Faster data recovery
  • 70% less cost

Veeam: Jonathan Butz, Healthcare Director
Veeam: Adam Bergh, Healthcare Solutions Architect
Cloudian: Amit Rawlani, Director of Solutions & Alliances

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