Data Protection for Kubernetes

Kubernetes and the use of Container Attached Storage such as OpenEBS enables per-workload management of data. This approach has quickly become a standard way to preserve and protect the benefits of Kubernetes for data. Small, loosely coupled teams manage small, loosely coupled workloads.

Kubera from MayaData is the first solution to extend the per-workload management of data offered by Container Attached Storage to back-ups and disaster recovery. Kubera is often used by small teams to establish and manage back-up policies whereby data is backed up to S3 compatible object storage. Cloudian is cloud-native S3-compatible storage.

Cloudian’s Kubernetes S3 Operator is a lightweight Containers Storage Interface (CSI) plugin that allows applications to dynamically or statically provision object storage. The result is self-service storage access in a cloud-like infrastructure.

In this on-demand webinar, we will:

  • Back-up multiple live workloads to Cloudian from a Kubernetes environment running in the cloud
  • Show how Cloudian’s WORM capabilities protect data from ransomware
  • Recover workloads from a Cloudian-based backup 

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