Enterprise Guide to Next-Gen Cloud-Native Flash Storage

Flash-Optimized Object Storage for New Workloads

Object storage has commonly been employed in enterprises and service providers for well-known usage as a repository for unstructured data. New applications being developed have changed those requirements and the new workloads from these applications are driving new requirements for object storage deployments, which will expand usage.

With increasing numbers of applications that access object storage, the pattern of workloads changes. Considerations must be made about performance.

Read this paper to learn the primary considerations you need to be evaluating to meet the new workload requirements, including:

  • Performance for demanding new cloud-native applications
  • Automation of data placement for consolidated usage – applications and as a content repository
  • Simplicity for use as container storage with S3 operator
  • Security of data – immutability, encryption, access control, multi-tenancy

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