Financial Services Storage Solutions to Meet Compliance and Maintain a Competitive Edge

Minimize Risk, Maximize Opportunity

financial services ebookWhile rich data is invaluable for a competitive edge in the financial services industry, massive increases in the amount and the complexity of data present challenges to cost-effectively meet storage and protection compliance mandates. Because sensitive data that organizations must store electronically is rising, IT decision-makers are wrestling with how to meet these demands while adhering to budget limitations and enabling the access that enterprise users require.

Furthermore, regulations dictate that sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) data that financial services organizations collect must be located in their data centers, be secure, encrypted, and optionally masked or anonymized and fully protected against ransomware threats. They are required to retain and index electronic correspondences, including email, for a predetermined set of time. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties, ranging from fines to the possibility of jail time.

What’s needed to satisfy these diverse needs is a cost-effective, scalable storage solution that can provide end-to-end data protection to meet compliance requirements, while also enabling fast and easy data access to meet business needs.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • How to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Protect your company against ransomware
  • Backup data to a secure scalable target
  • Provide a secure environment for collaboration.

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