The Complete Guide to GDPR Compliance for Data Storage

gdpr guideOrganisations are facing challenges interpreting what the new GDPR regulations mean to them and how to ensure compliance. Just deploying technology is not a good answer. Organisations must understand the data they are storing and where it originated to ensure they have a legitimate reason for holding this data.

This guide identifies the key requirements of GDPR that directly impact organisations when planning for compliance for their data storage platforms. The appropriate Cloudian HyperStore capabilities will be described as to how they operate and how they help organisations meet their GDPR data protection obligations.

Chapters include:

  • The Role of Technology in GDPR Compliance
  • Bucket Lifecycle Policy for Data Expiration
  • Encryption
  • Data Protection for Hardware Failure
  • Bucket-lock, WORM
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Data Transfers to Organisations Outside of the EU