Simplifying Healthcare Data Storage

While Ensuring Access, Security, and Compliance

Learn how to overcome the challenges of creating an integrated healthcare data storage solution

Collaborative healthcare depends on the real-time delivery of patient data. But how is this possible when records and imaging originate from multiple systems, with different formats, and in multiple, isolated locations? This has become even more challenging due to the explosive growth of health data, and with new complexities around privacy, compliance, and security needs.

How do you address these challenges while also ensuring authorized and real-time access to this data and meeting service levels with limited budgets and the need to do more?

In this on-demand webinar you will learn how to streamline, simplify, secure, and manage healthcare data storage with a cost-effective solution that also scales and supports future needs:

  • Create a single, unified repository of information from PACS and other systems
  • Assemble a comprehensive image-enabled patient record quickly and easily
  • Employ simple, policy-based management – with a unified view of healthcare data across locations
  • Ensure compliance, privacy, and security
  • Streamline workflows – saving time while enabling real-time secure data access from anywhere and at anytime