Protect Healthcare Data from Ransomware with Veeam & Cloudian

How Bad is the Problem?

Ransomware attacks have increased 97% in the last two years. 75% of organizations infected were running up-to-date endpoint protection. Don’t let your health system be the next victim. Learn more about the types of ransomware attacks and how immutable storage with Object Lock protects against them.


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Tried & Partial Solutions

Typical prevention efforts – e.g., training employees to avoid being phishing victims, software to inspect emails for malware, encryption – don’t work/fall short/leave gaps. In fact, business email compromise (BEC) is emerging as a preferred attack, circumventing filters and firewalls.**

backup dataEven having a backup copy, separate from live data, doesn’t offer full protection because hackers target backup data.


Lock Ransomware Out

Keep Data Safe with Veeam & Cloudian

WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage is the easiest and most effective strategy against ransomware – data is made immutable, preventing malware from encrypting data and locking the victim out.

Cloudian and Veeam now provide WORM at the storage system level through a feature called Object Lock. This is the only on-prem object storage solution in the market that is fully integrated with Object Lock.

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Forrester analysts write:

“Implementing an immutable file system with underlying WORM storage will make the system watertight from a ransomware protection perspective.”


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