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How Bad is the Problem?

Cyberattacks rank 5th in the Top 10 list of most-likely global risks.*

51 percent

51% of US organizations surveyed opted to pay the ransom, after being hit with a cyberattack.*

*“The Global Risks Report 2020,” World Economic Forum, 2020

22 percent

22% of US organizations that paid the ransom never got their data back.**

**According to this 24 Jan 2020 article from TechTarget

Costs are rising: The average ransomware payment jumped by 60% to $178,254 between Q1 and Q2 this year according to Coveware, a firm that helps negotiate cyber ransom payments.

60 percent

Ransomware risks are also rising: an acceleration of ransomware attacks is now forecasted to occur every 11 seconds and ransomware payments to reach $20 billion in 2021.

20 billion dollars

15 percent

Some Cloudian customers receive a 15% discount on cyber insurance because of robust data protection.

Having hardened data storage with the right set of security protection is critical. It can even favorably influence your organization’s insurance eligibility, pricing, and the likelihood of claim acceptance.

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Tried & Partial Solutions

Typical prevention efforts – e.g., training employees to avoid being phishing victims, software to inspect emails for malware, encryption – don’t work/fall short/leave gaps. In fact, business email compromise (BEC) is emerging as a preferred attack, circumventing filters and firewalls.

backup dataEven having a backup copy, separate from live data, doesn’t offer full protection because hackers target backup data.

Lock Ransomware Out —
Keep Data Safe

WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage is the easiest and most effective strategy against ransomware – data is made immutable, preventing malware from encrypting data and locking the victim out.

Cloudian provides WORM at the storage system level through a feature called Object Lock. HyperStore is hardened by the use of HyperStore Shell (HSH) and RootDisable, securing the solution at the system level, even disabling root access to make the solution impregnable. Similar solutions typically have porous root access leaving system-level breaches possible. This is the only on-prem object storage solution in the market that is fully integrated with Object Lock.

Cloudian’s S3 Object Lock (WORM) is also fully integrated with Veeam and Commvault.

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forrester report

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Forrester analysts write:

“Implementing an immutable file system with underlying WORM storage will make the system watertight from a ransomware protection perspective.”