Hybrid Cloud Media Workflows:
Limiting Costs, not Performance or Security

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The challenge facing many companies is how to provide remote workers such as video editors, content editors, and digital asset managers with the same content, infrastructure, and performance as what they had when they were based in the office.

Increasing content volumes and a host of new media formats dictate the need for high performing networks, software, and storage devices all of which need to be highly scalable.

Cloudian and Evolphin Software have created a fully integrated and packaged solution that is simple to deploy, cost-effective, and able to support remote workflows within days. On-premises S3 storage provided by Cloudian eliminates traditional cloud operating costs including those associated with egress and most importantly, provides data protection and security behind the firewall.

The cloud-based Evolphin solution is fully AI-enabled, tightly integrated with industry-leading editing apps, and can securely search and find content no matter where that content is located. Carefully designed, this combined solution will protect productivity, minimize costs, and ensure performance no matter where content and people are located.

Rahul Bhargava, Founder and CTO at Evolphin
Richard Wilson, Principal Architect at Cloudian

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