Getting Smart about Data Growth with Intelligent Data Management

Extend primary storage with the affordable capacity, scale, and cloud flexibility of object storage.

In a recent report, IDC found that of the 13ZB of installed storage expected to be in place in 2025, only 7.5ZB will actually store data.

idc whitepaper komprise cloudianAs a result, businesses will over-provision storage by nearly 50% because they lack data visibility into how data is growing and being used.

IDC notes that although the amount of storage capacity will grow by 300% in the next seven years, IT budgets are staying flat. With flat budgets and amassing data growth, businesses can no longer treat all data the same. They need to identify hot and cold data and store them on different classes of storage.

Read this informative analyst paper to learn about a modern, efficient, and scalable solution for cold and infrequently accessed data that gives you the ability to:

  • Easily identify hot and cold data
  • Offload data without intrusive agents
  • Limitlessly scale capacity
  • Geographically distribute replication
  • Save up to 70% vs. conventional storage

Komprise Intelligent Data Management analyzes data usage across your entire storage environment and shows you what data is hot (in active use) and what data has gone cool or cold. Then you can set policies to move that data to Cloudian’s on-premises object storage and reclaim 60% of your Tier 1 NAS capacity.

Download this IDG report to learn how you can reclaim storage capacity with Komprise and Cloudian.


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