Waking Up from the Cloud-First Data Hangover

intellyx webinarYou’ve heard the cloud-first mantra for years now – store all your data in the public cloud and let someone else manage it while you focus on other things. But after trying it, many organizations realize things aren’t quite that simple – with the ever-growing amount of data and the need to access it, there are cost, security, and control issues that get overlooked in a rush to go all-public cloud.

Industry analyst Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx and Cloudian CMO Jon Toor discuss how to architect a technology stack that includes public cloud while also taking advantage of the benefits of traditional on-premises solutions.

In this webinar you’ll discover how to:

  • Architect your workflow to a hybrid cloud environment
  • Maximize cost-savings for your data needs
  • Maintain data protection and security
  • Retain data control

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