To Infinity & Beyond

Centralized workflows and media-aware storage free up creative time and reduce operations costs.

telestream cloudianThe media and entertainment industry is awash in data, and that trend looks set to continue unabated as the volume of work, higher resolutions required, and use of imaging innovations such as stereoscopic VR continue to grow year after year.


Media-aware storage is an automated, end-to-end object storage solution capable of ingesting data programmatically from any media source in any format with workflow intelligence added by Telestream Vantage.

Rather than relying on a hierarchical storage technique that stores data as files in folders, or on block storage, which breaks a file into blocks of data and stores them as separate pieces of data, object storage treats data as discrete units stored under a single namespace.

Download the whitepaper, To Infinity & Beyond to find out what’s ahead.

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