Next-Generation M&E Workflows for Remote Workers

Since the pandemic, remote work is no longer optional – it is mandatory. Unfortunately, M&E workflows are ill-suited for remote work situations. Traditional approaches to previewing, editing, staging and archiving large media files are unworkable over the Internet. With traditional workflows, production would grind to a halt as staff wait on long download/upload times, that is, if they can even access the asset in the first place.

storage in remote workflowsEmployee access from home creates potential security vulnerabilities. First and foremost, IT has to ensure unauthorized parties do not have access to proprietary assets and that communication links are secure.

View this webinar on-demand to learn how Cloudian and Storage Made Easy have created the next generation of M&E workflows for remote workers.

Learn how distributed M&E teams can:

  • Route around storage failures
  • Easily access content remotely (regardless of storage type or vendor)
  • Quickly find assets across multiple platforms (permission based)
  • Leverage accelerated media transfers
  • Work in a security first environment with 2FA and event based auditing
  • Provide full visibility into content use

Doug Soltesz, SME, Director of Product Solutions
David Phillips, Cloudian, Principal M&E Solutions Architect

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