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6 Ways You Can Save with Object Storage

1. 70% less cost than traditional SAN/NAS

  • Industry standard hardware
  • Integrated data protection

reduce storage costs

2. Save Up to 60% on Your Splunk Infrastructure

  • Fewer indexers required
  • Save 70% on warm bucket storage

splunk cloudian diagram

3. 65% Savings vs Public Cloud

  • Less than half the cost per month
  • No access costs
  • No transfer costs

on-prem vs public cloud

4. 47% Less TCO than Tape Storage

  • No tape handling costs
  • No media updates

lto tape vs object storage

5. 60% of File Data is Rarely Used

  • Save 70% on storage for that data
  • Transparently migrate files to Cloudian

rarely used data

6. Immediate ROI

support tech

  • NetApp or EMC gear up for support renewal.


  • An entire Cloudian solution with 3 years of support can cost less than a NetApp or EMC support renewal.

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