How Seagate/Cloudian Joined Forces to Save You 70% on Storage

How to Get 2X Greater Storage Density at 70% less Cost

Data center space and power restrictions are a problem. Cloudian and Seagate have a solution. We’ve joined forces to deliver the industry’s most efficient storage platform, so you can do 2X more with the space you have. Ideal for cost-saving private cloud deployments, this new system delivers 1.5PB in just 4U. It’s 2X the density of other enterprise storage systems at 70% less cost – less than ½¢ per GB per month.

View this webinar to learn:

  • How Seagate and Cloudian engineered a revolutionary 1.5PB platform in just 4U
  • Why the new system becomes even more cost effective as you grow
  • How private cloud can save you 70% vs public cloud
  • The five requirements of private cloud storage
  • Why S3-compatible storage needs to be on your roadmap

cloudian and seagate

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