7 Benefits of Using Cloudian Object Storage with Splunk SmartStore

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Save 60% on data storage with Cloudian and do more with Splunk

Data volume continues to grow, and organizations are placing more and more emphasis on leveraging data through Splunk to gain insight and competitive advantage. With Splunk SmartStore, warm and cold indexes are moved to low-cost object storage. Because Cloudian® object storage can be scaled to an exabyte — and expanded without interrupting workflows — it allows more data to be ingested more cost-effectively.

Download this short paper to learn more about this and the rest of the 7 benefits of pairing these two technologies:

  1. Reduced Storage Complexity
  2. 60% Less Cost, More Scale
  3. Limitless Capacity
  4. High Data Durability
  5. Fast Data Recovery
  6. Customized Metadata
  7. Hybrid Cloud Capability

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Download the 7 Benefits Paper