Seven Ways Cloudian HyperIQ Helps Unleash Your Storage Superpowers

Cloudian HyperIQ is an observability and analytics solution that helps you ensure a great user experience with continuous monitoring and instant insight.

These are the seven ways that HyperIQ works with Cloudian HyperStore to let you track system operations and make informed storage decisions:

  1. Get meaningful, actionable insights using pre-configured or custom dashboards
  2. With a graphical view of operating history, find problems before they become problems
  3. Set alarms and spot user behavior anomalies
  4. Visualize your entire Cloudian infrastructure from a bird’s eye view and filter data to find the information that matters
  5. Monitor LAN or WAN networks to ensure peak performance
  6. Receive user-configurable alerts  via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools
  7. Get a monthly checkup with a Cloudian storage expert

hyperiq dashboard

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