Outsmarting Ransomware Attackers: Key Strategies to Protect Your Data

cloudian phoenixnap and veeam logos

Ransomware is on track to becoming a lucrative multi-billion dollar business. Statistics show that cybercriminals are extorting more than $8 billion from businesses in North America per year. Not surprisingly, the primary targets for ransomware attackers are businesses without ransomware protection measures in place.

If you are looking to ransomware-proof your business and protect mission-critical data from being held hostage, be sure to view this webinar on-demand. The speakers will discuss the most effective defense strategies against ransomware attacks and how to implement them.

You will hear from our panel of experts:

  • William Bell, Executive VP of Products at phoenixNAP
  • Amit Rawlani, Director of Technology Alliance and Solutions at Cloudian
  • Michael Deemer, Inside Systems Engineer at Veeam

They will walk you through:

  • Current trends in ransomware attacks and predictions for the future
  • What to do before, during, and after a ransomware attack
  • Most effective ransomware prevention and mitigation strategies
  • Available ransomware protection solutions from phoenixNAP, Cloudian, and Veeam

View the webinar on-demand