Traditional Splunk Environment vs Splunk SmartStore

Economic Advantages of Deploying On-Premises Object Storage with Splunk® SmartStore vs. Traditional Splunk Environments with Local and SAN/NAS Storage

Splunk TCO ReportSplunk has emerged as one of the top solutions for helping organizations index and utilize machine data. But as more and more data are generated and indexed into Splunk environments, organizations are feeling increased pressure on their IT budgets. Data volume is increasing, and because decisions are being made based on this data, retention periods are getting longer. As a result, organizations are looking for more cost-effective storage solutions to manage their growing data stores.

In 2018, Splunk introduced a new feature called SmartStore, which offers enhanced storage management functionality. Instead of storing indexes on local storage and traditional SAN/NAS infrastructure, organizations now have the ability to store these indexes on S3-compatible object storage.

This paper compares the economics of a traditional Splunk environment using local storage plus SAN/NAS to the newer Splunk SmartStore environment using Cloudian® HyperStore®—Cloudian’s on-premises S3-compatible storage solution.

Download this paper to learn how:

  • Splunk environments using SmartStore with Cloudian object storage provides over 60% savings over traditional Splunk environments in 3-year TCO model.
  • Indexer infrastructure is reduced by almost 2/3 resulting in >65% savings of indexer cost
  • Storage infrastructure cost for retention data is reduced by >80% with Splunk SmartStore with HyperStore
  • Cloudian provides 100X the scalability of SAN/NAS at 70% less cost

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