Traditional Splunk Environment vs Splunk SmartStore

Realize 60% TCO Savings in Splunk Environments with On-Prem Object Storage

This paper compares the economics of a traditional Splunk environment using local storage plus SAN/NAS to the newer Splunk SmartStore environment using Cloudian® HyperStore®—Cloudian’s on-premises S3-compatible storage solution.

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  • Splunk environments using SmartStore with Cloudian object storage provides over 60% savings over traditional Splunk environments in 3-year TCO model.
  • Indexer infrastructure is reduced by almost 2/3 resulting in >60% savings of indexer cost
  • Storage infrastructure cost for retention data is reduced by >80% with Splunk SmartStore with HyperStore
  • Cloudian provides 100X the scalability of SAN/NAS at 70% less cost

3-Year TCO Example:
Splunk with Cloudian Object Storage vs. SAN/NAS

splunk tco

splunk tco paper

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