New Strategies to Optimize Storage Economics & Data Placement


storage economics webinarData is a business asset only if it’s free to flow where your users and applications need it. But with enterprise data volume growing at 50% annually, traditional storage just can’t keep up, especially with huge scale and performance limitations as file counts and storage capacity growth needs accelerate. It’s time to update and modernize your storage infrastructure and take advantage of new technologies that will help you optimize your storage economics and data placement.

View this on-demand webinar to learn about the advantages of metadata-driven solution that:

  • Delivers cloud economics with accelerated primary storage performance – without any changes or disruption to existing users, applications or back-end storage
  • Simplifies data placement and management across primary, secondary and cloud storage
  • Provides technical and operational efficiencies to achieve cloud economics
  • Cost-effectively scales with your growth
  • Provides unified visibility and control of your data, wherever it is, including public cloud

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