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Advantages of Object Storage vs. LTO Tape

Save 47% TCO and get Object Lock Ransomware Protection plus all the real-time data searchability you’ve been missing.

About to migrate to LTO-9? Switch to object storage instead and make it your last migration.

The limitations of tape storage go way beyond accessibility. Data that isn’t searchable is becoming a tangible liability for businesses, and one that will only become larger with advances in AI and machine learning.

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Summary of 10-year total cost savings of object storage vs LTO tape

Some of the biggest challenges with tape go beyond the CapEx and OpEx costs involved in keeping or refreshing tape storage. This paper examines how object storage stacks up against tape in terms of those costs (10-year TCO is 47% less than tape), but also looks at the opportunity costs of not leveraging the real-time data access of object storage to monetize existing data, and other common issues tape users note, like:

  • Lack of timely data access
  • Tape failure
  • Time and headcount spent managing tapes
  • Little data searchability

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