On-Premises Object Storage vs. Public Cloud Storage

The Economic Advantages of On-Premises Object Storage vs. Public Cloud for Enterprise Data Storage

Public cloud was recently thought to be the ultimate answer for enterprise data storage. Low cost — but only if you didn’t need to actively access the data.

On-premises object storage has emerged as a cost-effective capacity tier for many enterprise use cases like healthcare, media & entertainment, electronic design automation, insurance, education, oil & gas, analytics, and life sciences. Object storage offers:

  • Limitless capacity scaling
  • High data durability
  • Consistent security
  • Fast data recovery
  • High performance
  • Control with security, privacy, and compliance

Download this TCO Report to see how you can save up to 65% of your storage costs for backup and archive, media workflows, and other capacity-intensive applications.

on-prem storage vs public cloud

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