Three Steps to Modernizing Backup Storage


Host and Moderator:
George Crump, Chief Analyst, Storage Switzerland.

The volume of data that must be backed up continues to increase, to meet compliance regulations and to serve secondary business purposes such as business analytics. At the same time, recovery requirements are becoming more demanding.

Against this backdrop, a tiered approach to underlying secondary storage infrastructure and a sophisticated data management strategy begin to make sense as a path to addressing the need to store more copy data and to deliver production levels of performance during recovery without breaking the budget.

Blending Flash and Object Storage for Copy Data

Today’s Tier One applications require immediate levels of recovery and fast performance during recovery, creating the use case for integrating a tier of high-performance flash capacity into the secondary storage environment.

Adding lower-cost and more scalable and searchable on-premises object storage has become a very viable approach to serving long-term retention use cases.