Scale-Out Storage for Video Surveillance with Milestone

On-Demand Webinar with Cloudian and Milestone

Video surveillance has become the primary tool to meet the growing security needs for the federal and local governments, public utilities, as well as industries like healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation, and education.

body camTraditional surveillance involved security personnel viewing video feeds in real-time or retrieved after the fact and sifted through manually. With advancements in technology capabilities like facial recognition, license plate reading, geo-fencing and more – along with the availability of capturing and storing more video data at higher resolutions – video surveillance has evolved to real-time analysis of dynamic environments with automatic incident detection, alerting, and prevention.

In addition to this, the move by law enforcement, to record all interactions with IP, Dash and Body cameras, has ushered in need for securely storing and managing the troves of video data for intelligent search and retrieval, pattern recognition, and digital evidence management.

Join experts from Milestone and Cloudian to see how the certified solution of Cloudian HyperStor with MileStone Xprotect ushers in the era of Compliant and Intelligent Video Surveillance.

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