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IDC MarketScape Names Cloudian Major Player

Posted on January 7, 2015 by Denise Sullivan

Cloudian was recently named to IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2014 Vender Assessment list in the Major Player category. This nomination closes out an already strong year for the cloud storage company which included a 300% increase in the customer base and $24 million in new funding.

Cloudian Major Player Rounds Banner Year

When assessing the Major Player category, IDC MarketScape cited that Cloudian had stood out with their hybrid cloud storage capability. In addition, the company offers the ability to tier data to not only Amazon S3 but all S3-compatible public servers thanks to their full S3 API compatibility.

According to Ashish Nadkarni, the research director of storage systems and software:

“The IDC MarketScape placed Cloudian in the Major Player category, reflecting Cloudian’s position as a premier provider of a commercially viable “telecom-grade” platform, which it has expanded to global and enterprise markets. Cloudian has the right set of capabilities and strategies to easily enter the Leader category.”

Cloudian had a busy year in 2014. The company grew its customer base by 300% and gained millions in new funding. This was alongside the announcement of new Hyperstore 5.0 software and Hyperstore hardware. They also solidified business relationships with both Riverbed Technologies and Amazon Web Services.

Officials at Cloudian believe that the public assessment made by IDC MarketScape will help to validate their enterprise storage focus and help them keep their momentum as they go into the new year.


About Cloudian

Cloudian is a Californian based software enterprise that specializes in hybrid cloud storage. Consumers can choose to utilize only proprietary software from the cloud storage company that can be deployed across any hardware or choose to utilize the business’ appliances in conjunction with their own. No matter what method of backup is chosen, both work seamlessly to blend both private and public storage options.

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