Gemini’s Cloudian adds Amazon S3 compatibility, provisioning and billing APIs to OpenStack

Foster City, Calif — Oct. 20, 2011 Gemini Technologies today announced that it has joined the OpenStack community, adding Amazon S3 compatibility, provisioning and billing APIs to OpenStack software via its industry-leading Cloudian® Cloud Storage System . Gemini also announced the immediate availability of the Cloudian-OpenStack Distribution, with full interoperability between Cloudian and the latest releases of Nova, Swift, and Glance. A free evaluation can be requested at:

“We are pleased to join the OpenStack community and participate with this rich, rapidly growing platform,” said Giorgio Propersi, Gemini general manager, Americas and EMEA. “The Cloudian Cloud Storage System will help both public and private clouds build reliable, multi-tenant storage, enhancing the great solutions already being built with OpenStack software.”

Backed by more than 125 participating organizations including Rackspace, Citrix, Dell, NASA and Cisco, OpenStack is a massively scalable, open source cloud operating system that is quickly becoming the industry standard for public and private clouds. OpenStack has received nearly 50,000 downloads from the central code repository.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible, multi-tenant Cloudian Cloud Storage System offers exciting new capabilities and choices to the OpenStack community, and is fully complementary to Nova, Swift, and Glance. Cloudian provides OpenStack users with robust AWS S3 compatibility while its production-proven provisioning, user management and billing capabilities allow service providers and enterprise users to easily deploy AWS S3-like services. Cloudian also supports multiple backend stores, such as Cassandra, and will support Swift as a backend object store in the future.

Example use cases for the OpenStack community include:

Nova and Cloudian Applications running in the Nova environment can store and retrieve data using a Cloudian system via S3 API.

Existing applications from the S3 ecosystem requiring robust S3 API support can now run in Nova using Cloudian for data storage.

Swift and Cloudian Applications can now choose to use Swift or Cloudian, based on their API and feature requirements.

Applications can also simultaneously store data in both Cloudian and Swift systems.

Service providers can provide both Swift API and S3 API based public and private cloud solutions.

Glance and Cloudian Glance allows disk images to be stored to Amazon’s S3 service. With a simple configuration change, Glance users can now choose between storing disk images in their private system running Cloudian software, or Amazon’s S3 service.

About Cloudian

Cloudian is a packaged software cloud storage platform with robust Amazon S3 API compatibility. It provides high volume, multi-tenant, and multi-datacenter cloud storage, and is architected to support multiple NOSQL storage backends for maximum flexibility. With features like virtualized resources, user groups, quality of service controls, access control rights, reporting and billing, Cloudian enables Enterprise and Service Providers to rapidly deploy turnkey public and private clouds on low cost commodity hardware. Cloudian’s robust S3 API compatibility allows enterprises and Service Providers to benefit from the richness and variety of applications in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

Key features include:

S3 REST Advanced API Features: robust “bug-compatibility”enables seamless interoperability of applications developed for Amazon S3-based storage clouds;

Provisioning, User Management, Reporting, Billing: full turn-key service platform features available via both a REST API and Browser based Graphical User Interface;

QoS (Quality of Service) Control: provides group-level and user-level control of storage quota, transaction rate, and data transfer rate;

Access Control: offers group-level and user-level access control of objects, and allows for read-only or read-write access for objects;

Easy and Affordable Scalability / Elasticity: architecture offers a “plug and play”approach. Automatic load redistribution allows additional capacity to be added immediately.

Replication and Multi-Datacenters: fault tolerance and multi-datacenter support allows users to provide disaster recovery capability for customers, and administrators can configure replication value and location to meet SLA and cost objectives; and

High Availability and Disaster Recovery: built-in failover settings ensure that server or Datacenter failure does not impact the availability or integrity of data.

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About OpenStack

OpenStack is a large-scale, open source cloud operating system and global community established to drive industry standards, end cloud lock-in and speed the adoption of cloud technologies by service providers and enterprises. More than 100 participating organizations and over 1,500 in the development community are currently contributing to OpenStack, which was named the fastest growing open source cloud project by Black Duck Software in 2010. OpenStack currently includes three core, interrelated projects: OpenStack Object Storage, a fully distributed object store, OpenStack Compute, a scalable compute provisioning engine and OpenStack Image Service, an image registry and delivery service. For more information and to join the community, visit

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