Private Cloud Storage

Build a petabyte-scalable cloud storage service in your data center

Private Cloud Storage

Deploy Cloudian HyperStore S3 storage in your data center and create a private cloud S3 storage service. With a multitenant architecture, Cloudian lets you share a single cluster among multiple users and applications while maintaining complete data isolation. Policies let you establish usage quotas, security, and backups—and ensure SLA adherence with robust Quality of Service tools.

Cloudian allows you to perform all of the functions of a Storage-as-a-Service provider inside your own enterprise, including metering and chargebacks to departments.


  • Simple self-service for end users
  • Granular management settings control quotas, security, and backups
  • Robust QoS tools to enforce administrator policies
  • Metering and chargebacks to track usage
  • Integrates with multiple open IT infrastructures

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